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Body sculpting is a form of body contouring in Calgary. The names are relatively interchangeable, and they typically refer to non-surgical aesthetic procedures. The industry of body sculpting has gone through many changes over the years, and perhaps an overview of those changes will help to inform you about the true nature of body sculpting.

What Did Body Contouring Used to Mean?

Initially, body contouring in Calgary referred to a method of fat freezing that was relatively effective. In this procedure, a technician places small pads on areas of stubborn fat on the body, and those areas cool down and freeze. When fat freezes, it breaks down and no longer functions as a lipid. After the treatment, your body simply cleans up the frozen cells, and you eventually begin to notice changes to the contours of your body where the application took place.

For a long time, the fat freezing method was useful, but there are a few problems with the procedure. Firstly, people who are obese cannot use the treatment due to the depth of the fat cells in the body, and secondly, the small pads limit the amount of area you can treat in a single session. As a result, several sessions are necessary to achieve significant results. 

Although, in recent years, there is a new method of body contouring, and it has solved many of these traditional problems.


The Current State of Body Contouring

The current state of body contouring still shows a market for fat freezing. However, a much more viable option has come on the scene. This new method is TruSculpt, and rather than freezing the fatty areas, TruSculpt has a novel solution instead. With this method, the use of monopolar radio frequencies provides a way to disrupt the fat cells and render them inactive. 

This method results in a process similar to fat freezing, wherein the body removes the fat cells no longer usable. However, with this method, the issues above are not nearly such a problem. For example, heavier people can use this treatment, and the larger wand means more areas are treatable. 

Furthermore, the results of those treatments are noticeable faster, and there is a reduced risk of discomfort for the user. Ultimately, the current state, as it concerns body contouring, leads to the belief the future is looking very bright!  

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