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Are you thinking about getting a body contouring procedure? This is a procedure that is becoming more popular. Unlike many cosmetic procedures, it isn’t invasive at all. You can see results within a couple of treatments if you go to the right clinic. But you’re probably curious about the potential side effects of this treatment.

Many people opt for truSculpt 3D for body contouring in Calgary. This is a treatment that uses radiofrequency to target the most problematic areas. The heat from the radiofrequency penetrates your skin and targets fat cells.

So what can you expect from this treatment? If you’re worried about having to get anesthesia, you’ll be glad to know that there are no numbing agents or painkillers used for the procedure. A simple handpiece will be applied to the problem area. You should feel it heating up the area.

After a full session, you may experience some mild side effects. This includes, skin irritation, redness, mild tenderness, and some general mild discomfort. Patients usually report that the whole procedure was painless. There are also patients that report no side effects at all.

The cellulite removal plan. White markings on young woman body

If you do experience the mild side effects, they should subside within a few hours after treatment. This means that there is virtually no downtime for this procedure. No need to take time off from work for recovery.

Options for Body Contouring in Calgary 

If you look for body contouring in Calgary, you’ll notice that there are other technologies being used for the same treatment. Coolsculpt is another popular alternative. There are key differences between the two solutions.

truSculpt 3D is far less painful. With Coolsculpt, patients often report tingling, swelling, and redness in the treated area for several days. The side effects are still mild but a bit more severe than truSculpt 3D.

truSculpt 3D also conforms to your body, whereas Coolsculpt needs to hold on to an area of fat. As a result, truSculpt 3D is more versatile and will allow you to target trouble areas like the inner thigh, under the arms, and even the neck.

Overall, body contouring is virtually painless. Many patients report that the entire procedure was painless, and recovery time was almost zero. If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to target your problem areas, you should look into body contouring.

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